PRINCESS Sexy Sheer Cocktail Night Dress

PRINCESS Sexy Sheer Cocktail Night Dress


(image for) 5 of 5 Stars5 of 5 Stars Hello, just bought this dress for my wife for our anniversary and she was a little frantic to put it on because its short and a bit revealing for me thats why i bought it but not so revealing that i wouldnt like to go out with her in public this dress actually took a month to come so i called sns and they appologized and said it was on the way i actually got it 3 days after i talked to them so i wasnt too mad it came 5 days before my anniversary so atleast it came before then. I am actually looking forward to get her another dress from here .. and maybe a bikini , lets just hope she likes what i get her muahaha, anyways im gonna give this a 5 star from me my wife says 3 cause she doesnt like to reveal herself often but all in all we had an amazing night and i know she ended up liking it , so 100% reccomended
Date Added: 07/07/2016 by Matthew