ROXANNE Sensual Pantyhose Legging

My leggings rock! best pair of leggings i have

these look great on me!

got my legging in the mail a few weeks ago and today is the first time i wore them and I had to write a review, it makes me looks so sexy and it looks great under my skirts, it was made with cool material perfect for this awful winter.

Shipping was a little long but my life looks great in these leggings! :)

Colleen Ballinger
Wow these are so HOT! i love the sheer fabric on them, I just got them today in the mail and i am so IMPRESSED what extremely SEXY leggings! i will be buying more

These are so sexy! i love the ling down the side of them, sheer leggings are one of my favorites! :) i always put a little skirt on ever these and they looks so good!