It doesn"t get any more mini than this! Just enough skirt to cover your butt and not an inch more! I love wearing my skirt! My concern was if it would stay in place while dancing, and yes it does...it won"t ride up and will keep your butt covered. I usually don"t wear panties under mine and it is quite a rush, but if you did want to wear panties underneath, it does not show panty lines. It"s a naughty skirt and I have fun in it...great for those times you want to make out with clothes on.

I love my skirt! It"s a knockout at the club and when I am out with my friends! I feel so sexy when wearing it : ) I am not a panty girl, so I am glad this skirt stay"s in place...from dancing to the mechanical bull..haha! I would suggest going down a size so it stays tight on your bum without panties.

Thank you guys for recommending this super mini skirt to me it"s such a cute skirt to add to my SNS collection. Thank you guys for supporting me in my shoots xo

I love this super mini skirt! xo It"s such a cute little skirt and I wore this to the club the other day all eyes were on me! Thank you so much SNS _3