REVENGE Sexy Striped Mini Dress

I really liked the option of change the colors and mix ´em up. I chose black with purple and I´m very happy with the result. The dress looks so hot! I´m coming back for moreee !!!

I bought this for a night out, and I gotta say this is a very cut mini dress, but very classy! I"m not really one for black tight party dresses but this one is definitely a must! Most sexy dress i"ve seen by far!

this is probably one of the most sexy party dresses I own! Super cute when for a night on the town... super recommended!

I got this in black and white and it is SO NICE, wish I could upload a picture its so nice!!! xoxo

I got size large and it fits good, Im a big hipped latina so Im happy that their clothing is made for me too.

Love this dress, the v shape patter is so cool this is great clubwear such as sexy minidress it makes me feel so sexy. Thank you for my dress everything is perfect.