HOLIDAY Very Hot Mini Bikini

The triangle cut swimsuit is great, the g string bottom is very sexy and the fabric feels very soft and great on your skin, if you"re looking for a sexy mini bikini you"ve come to the right place cause this is such a sexy minibikini! The shipping is just a bit slow it could be better

Tracy J
This bikini is so sexy let me tell you, i love the thong, and i love how it has both neck and back ties!!! love how it looks, i"m getting three more one in black, blue and white! :)

Jennifer Terae
LOVE LOVE LOVE, this bikini is perfect for the holidays! I"m going to be wearing this for Christmas in mexico! Sexiest mini bikini ever, i love the heart shape g-string thong! Such a hot bikini, im going to be getting this, a mini bikini, micro bikini (microkini) and a maxi bikini to add all of them to my collection!