PARADISE Sexy Microkini

Natasha S.
So happy with my hot new bikini, Can't wait to show it at the beach in Cali.

Im buying it in another color it came to my house today and im in love 2 more please!

love love love love looooove this bikini, fits me perfectly i was kind of scared cause it says one size but all you need to do is adjust the strings and snip! its beautiful i love it!

Jered M.
My wife looks so great in this microbikini, i cant wait to take her to Aruba on our honeymoon!! great selection of clothing!

Such a sexy microbikini!!! this microkini is sooo sexy it has such a nice teardrop shape bottom and the g string at the back i LOVE it! ah! so niceeeee!!! The quality is great too!