BLUE LAGOON Sensual thong Maxi Bikini

I love this bikini so much, with the double lace bikini. Super sexy designer swimwear.... Thank you guys for the help and the faster shipping.

This is such an adorable affordable bikini! I love the fabric.. thank you for everything xoo

This bikini is such a sensual bikini.. My wife looks terrific in this. tiny string bikinis always look best ;)

Olivia M.
This bikini beats wicked weasels fabric 100%, wicked weasels fabric always gives me rashes but this fabric is so soft and is amazing, i can"t wait to use this bikini all the time buy more like it!! Thanks SnS

Courtney C.
This bikini is so hot! I got it for my bachelorette party!!!

Jenny Love
I love this maxi bikini!!! I never used to like to wear thongs but now i love thongs the neck and back ties are also so helpful and easy to take off, i love everything about this bikini!