ICE CREAM Hot G-String Micro Bikini

The small fit my girlfriend perfectly without being too revealing, but accentuated her lovely and petite figure. Obviously the butt is completely exposed to the elements. For those that are a bit more modest, a nice coverup adds to the mystique when sitting or dancing at the tiki bar!

made my girl look sexy as hell, had all the attention at the beach, i think it made her cheast look really big, love it big time!

bought this pieace for my wife, what i like about it is that she can adjust the sides that way it fits her exactly how she likes it!!

SO HOT! my boyfriend loves it on me, everytime i go in the pool with it i can dive in the best part is that it never slips off!

I am in love with my new micro bikini!! i love the fact that it"s so tiny but at the same time elegant sexy!

Sarah G.
I got this microkini in 2 different colors i love them! I will be buying a lot more modelling in them! The quality is absolutely great! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!