ICE CREAM Hot G-String Micro Bikini

made my girl look sexy as hell, had all the attention at the beach, i think it made her cheast look really big, love it big time!

bought this pieace for my wife, what i like about it is that she can adjust the sides that way it fits her exactly how she likes it!!

SO HOT! my boyfriend loves it on me, everytime i go in the pool with it i can dive in the best part is that it never slips off!

I am in love with my new micro bikini!! i love the fact that it"s so tiny but at the same time elegant sexy!

Sarah G.
I got this microkini in 2 different colors i love them! I will be buying a lot more modelling in them! The quality is absolutely great! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

This micro bikini is so very sexy i love the whale tail g string ! it looks so nice! That Y shaped thong is just so sexy and i love how its low cut! Also the neck and back ties makes it so easy to remove off my wife, she absolutely loves this bikini!