ICE CREAM Hot G-String Micro Bikini

This micro bikini is so very sexy i love the whale tail g string ! it looks so nice! That Y shaped thong is just so sexy and i love how its low cut! Also the neck and back ties makes it so easy to remove off my wife, she absolutely loves this bikini!

Todd T.
This is such a sexy microkini, i love the fabric it looks amazing on my wife and when she goes to the pool it never comes off!

Derek V.
I would"ve gave this 5 stars but the shipping too a little too long for my liking but in my opinion this is the best material and best feeling bikini ive ever felt, my wife really loves it now shes waiting for me to be paid to buy more bikinis for herself, great online store, make sure to buy a month before you need it though!

Ella T.
This bikini is so sexy! i love that the bottom is so low cut and small it looks so incredibly hot! I love how it fits and makes me feel so go, i will be buying again