VENUS Hot Baywatch Style Shiny Swimsuit

Rachel S
I"m quite tall (5 foot 11) so I was a little worried that this swimsuit being only one size wouldn"t fit me. But it was fine. It was quite tight around the crotch, but not uncomfortably so. I think the fact that it was so tight on me made it look even better!

Lucas W.
This swimsuit is so extremely hot i bought a couple for my models to wear and i cant wait to shoot for them!

Doug R.
This is such a sexy swimsuit im so happy snsbikinis did it in this color! I like the thong is so hot and the backless swimsuit looks amazing, my wife looks so hot!

Samantha U.
This swimsuit is now my favorite! i have it in both colors! The shiny black and red look like leather from a far and i really do admire that this swimsuit is backless and so hot! it really looks amazing on me and i really like the high side so hot!!!