CADENCE Sexy Strappy Bikini Thong Bottom WHITE

Piero F.
This bikini is so hot! i really like the neck and back ties and the bikini bottom which has 3 strings!!! This bikini came to russia in 5 weeks, they told me that express shipping only takes a 4 days to a week to get here so maybe i can try that next time! Thanks anyways

Liam D.
This bikini is to die for i love mini bikinis but this is just not what i was expecting! This is so hot!

Margaret Q.
What a sexy bikini my sister got me this for my honeymoon with my hubby and boy will he be surprised ive never worn a thong bikini before and hopefully its a bit see through when wet cause that would make it even better, Thanks love it! its a great suit! will be looking for more of your hot new arrivals

Doug M.
This is a really sexy mini bikini i love the multiple string bottom. The only think i wish for is that the shipping will come a little fast i waited 4 weeks for this to get to california

Karissa D.
This bikini is my Favorite bikini i have! the sexy 3 string g string bottom is incredible! the triangle cut top is so elegant yet sexy and the medium cut front is so hot! this tiny mini bikini is about to make me purchase more! LOVE IT!!!