CALIFORNIA Hot String Micro Bikini

This is my favourite bikini. I love how it just covers the essentials. The bottom never slips even when I"m playing sports or swimming. The top does slip sometimes but I don"t mind that and I often go topless anyway.

I love the bottom. It makes me feel so sexy.

Emily S.
So this bikini is perfect for me, its called California and I live in California. This is the perfect California gurl bikini! I really love it the double string g string thong is so sexy, and the diamond shape in the front is also so HOT!!! I really love it! Thank you snsbikinis, you will be seeing more of me!

Lilith L.
My husband always buys me micro bikinis and girls!! If you do not have a micro bikini then your husband is missing out buy a microkini to surprise him, he"ll love it and so will you!

Jared L.
Its always a great day when my bikini comes in the mail to surprise my wife (its more of a surprise to me when she puts it on) I really love my wife wearing these microkinis in paradise like going to Niece france, or to bora bora and having my wife walk around the beach not feeling intimidated because of people looking at her like here in texas. God bless this micro bikinis

Very nice. Love the way the bottom fits.