MIDNIGHT Very Sexy Translucent Mini Dress

Tommi J.
This will be part of my wardrobe for our soon to be honeymoon. I love, love, love this sheer dress, and look forward to a night out dancing or at the clubs we visit. Extremely hot! :-) Tommi

This is an amazing dress!

Olivia O.
So this fabric looks very delicate but it is actually really strong and doesnt tear easily its so nice its also so soft and comfortable on my skin! this is such a hot mini dress

Dylan N.
I bought this for my girlfriend for Christmas and im so excited to see her in this we"re going to Europe in February and I"m going to get her to wear this with me to go to a party. I really love this sheer mini dress. (quality is super amazing too)

Heather E.
This is such a hot sheer dress, i love how its see through! it makes me look so nice and helps show off my curves! This is such a hot mini dress i totally recommend it.