GLITTER Sexy Micro Bikini

$50.00 $41.00
This very seductive bikini is one of a kind! Its made with very comfortable fabric, has invisible straps and shiny little stones on the front staps and the back of the bikini bottom. Don't miss out your chance to rock this beautiful bikini.
*Imported Lycra Fabric 85% Nylon 15% Elastane
*Available In all sorts of sizes & colors!
*One Size adaptable to all body measurements.
the girl in the photo of the glitter sexy micro bikini is a thot and so hot. u should send pics of her to crazzyriley on instagram and let me message her becuse i have a question bout this bikini so i can buy it for someone.
Great bikini.. very sexy and well fitting!.. Super sexy for the beach and its perfect because I didnt get tan lines, it is now one of my favourites!
Sexy microbikini! Hottest I've bought from the store! xoxo
This is such a ultra micro bikini ... Super small and super hot, went to a shoot with this on and I gotta say it"s alot more simple to put on than I thought!
Guys thanks you so much for helping me to find this, my girlfriend looks so sexy with this micro bikini.
My micro bikinni fits me perfect,i cant believe it!!
I got this bikini because I am in the middle of a diet and I wanted to record my progress with a nice form of fitting this bikini and OMG! this bikini fits great even now. It looks so tiny when you first get it but Trust me it will fit most sizes. The transparent stripes give me a sexy look.
Carly R.
Very happy with my new microbikini, love the little stones!