About SnS


Since 2008, SnSbikinis formally known as "Sun and Sea bikinis" has become a very known sexy bikini brand, mostly known for their sexy micro bikinis, SnSbikinis sells some of the smallest bikinis ever!
Women all around the world look forward to their summer vacations and weekends at the beach, also men who love to see their significant others dressed in sexy bikinis are always looking for the most comfortable price and best quality.

Customers that shop at SnS bikinis always come back very pleased and wanting to buy more.
SnSbikinis believes that every shape, size & gender can look beautiful in a bikini!
SnSbikinis offer a fun, sexy and fashionable range of swim and lifestyle wear.

SnSbikinis have a huge range of all sorts of different swimwear such as one piece swimsuits, maxi, mini & micro bikinis, so you can find the sexiest type of swimwear.

SnSbikinis also sell sexy night Dresses, Skirts, Lingerie, Leggings & other sexy items. SnSbikinis has all types of different textures like lace, silk, lycra fabric, and more.
SnSbikinis provides women with a sexy collection to pick from.

Come join us in this sexy adventure!

SnS Bikinis Team