AFRICA LOVE Sexy Animal Print Mini Bikini

Very Sexy "AFRICA LOVE" Animal Print Bikini, two piece swimwear with a very sexy tiny triangle top and a hot brazilian thong mini bikini bottom.Look incredible hot on th ebeach with this sexy bikini! Choose your favourite Main Color to combine with the sexy zebra string ties.

*Brazilian Lycra Fabric 85% Nylon 15% Elastane
*Available In all sorts of colors and sizes!

Model is wearing XS Top and XS Bottom

Lilian R
Got this bikini in blue and zebra ties this is so sexy i love it so much the gstring really makes my butt look amazing! i just love the hint of zebra! love this sexy mini bikini!!!!!!!!!!!
Gilford W
This is such a sexy bikini my wife bought it to go to mexico and trust me so many heads turned!! She got turquoise as the main color and zebra on the strings it is so sexy and the g string is just so hot! we will be buying again
Janice M.
This bikini is just stunning, i love it!
Frank P.
I"m in love with this bikini it is so elegant and so very sexy! I got this bikini for my girlfriend and she looks incredible, try yellow with the zebra, and blue with the zebra everyone! its so sexy!
Kristy K.
This is so sexy i love my bikinis with animal print! the g string thong and the front is full coverage, it just makes the bikini that much more sexy! Love it, thanks to my amazing husband for buying it for me