BACK X NEON Mini Dress

This beautiful tank top mini dress has a very elegant, fancy, and classic "X" back on it. Its a beautiful dress for every occasion, to go to the beach, the club, a party, a concert, a meeting or anything you want!

- Imported Lycra Fabric 80% Nylon 20% Elastane
- Available In all sorts of sizes & colors!
- To get a perfect size that fits, check the size chart

* Model is wearing Size S
Emma r
This is such a sexy mini dress I bought this in green and red, I love them both so much the fabric is so sexy and feels so soft!
I love this dress.. It"looks super hot on my wife and it"s definitely an affordable party dress. Shipping wasn"t that bad but would like to see more improvements.. Thank you guys for the recommendation!
I bought this lovely dress for my wife, and this x crossed back is super hot.. Highly recommended.. super cute dress.
my wife like lycra fabric, so we only shop on snsbikinis, i mean you guys do have the longest lasting gear, really like shopping for my wife here thanks
i have no words to describe how hot my wife looks in this small dress
got it in lime green and hot pink!Im in loveeeeeee with my new dresses i had to write to your page!! #1fan of snsbikinis :)
This crisscross dress is very sexy, it feel soft and comfortable, I have ordered one more already.
Sarah N.
The shipping took 6 weeks for my package to get to Seattle Washington so i was getting very inpatient but the dress is here and im happy! So thank you
John Mckenzi
I ordered this dress for valentines day for my wife, I like the color and style, The crisscross pattern on the dress is sexy too, it is a great dress !
Got this sexy seductive minidress for my girlfriend we went out to a club, and she accidentally dropped wine all over her dress she was so sad so the next day i washed it for her and all the win came out! its as good as new! im so happy :)!!
The fabric is so nice on this dress, comfortable and sexy!
MY wife is rocking this dress! so happy with the sexy fabric, very soft, silky and comfortable!
This is such a sexy dress, i love the v neck front and the x back it is so very sexy! It just arrived today and i just feel so lucky to have it!