ELEGANCE New Maxi Dress

$84.00 $74.00
Elegance maxi dress is a very beautiful dress that stands up to its name by being elegant. This dress is ideal for any upcoming events, like a dinner with your husband or a gift for your wife for valentines day or Christmas. This dress shows off your shoulder blades and attaches at the back of your neck. It also comes in all different colors so just pick the color you love!

Wayne M.
This dress is so hot i got it in red for an anniversary dinner with my fiance and she loved it but i loved it even more. Its incredibly hot and makes her look so good, it hugs her body great. I really like these lycra dresses.
Ericka Y.
I got this dress for myself in black for a dinner and it looks soooo sexy! it really makes my curves looks good and flatters me