DESTINY Very Sexy Micro Bikini

This is the perfect bikini if you want to get the perfect tan. Looking to buy more of this style.

Love the ultra narrow bottom. It"s such a thrill to wear it.

Jimmy R.
I really love this micro bikini the bottom is SO TINY YET SO HOT! I really like that the ties are so skinny and so nice. The g-string thong is so sexy hot i really like it! The triangle micro top is also so hot i really like it too. My girlfriend looks so sexy in it, I am such a micro bikini fan!

Verry sensual bikini... Must be one of the tiniest beach bikinis i've bought! super hot though! will be buying again.

TINIEST BIKINI EVER! But super hot for my wife.. this tiny beach bikini looks amazing on her, She wants me to buy more from your store so I will buy another one very soon.

Great fabric, great feel to it, i will be buying again thanks.