CORAL Very Sexy Mini Brazilian Bikini

Yeah, pretty much love the sparkly top and bottom, yeah.. I'm in love with my new bikini! Love thongs !

Well i really hope my girlfriend like this, i got it in the mail and opened it up to check it, first thing i noticed is how good the fabric was, the color looks really raw! im exited to see what she things! thank you guys!

the thong just kills me, my boyfriend gets jealous every time we go to the beach, ALL GUYS STARE AT ME

so small i love it, havent found many designs like this one, only on this site, and it's the best one i've seen yet! deff getting it in pink as well!

Took 16 days delivered to Aus. It's amazing, ordered size M. I'm usually a 8 but ordered a M as I thought small would come up too small. All fits, the bottoms are a tiny bit big at the back but love it!!! Ordered again in more colours :)