SAPHIRE Sexy Monokini

medium coverage for a perfect tan, i love how it's g-string, usually swimsuits don't come with g-string, that's why i got this one, it's great

The wife looking incredible sexy in this hot piece.. worth all the wait

I've honestly never seen a swimsuit like this one its a very tiny swimsuit but it covers perfectly the parts of my body that I dont want to show, so its perfect.

Mark Battams
Bought this for my wife and she completely loves this she was rocking this suit in mexico last week ! great suit!

Carol G.
This swimsuit isn"t something i would usually wear but my husband bought it for me and he seems to love it, the gstring thong bottom is nice, the small top is nice and i love the trikini part of it, you can say im a huge fan of snsbikinis right now!

Olivia D.
Such a sexy swimsuit! i love the shape of it, i love that it has no straps , i love the fabric it hugs my body so nicely and im very happy i bought it! its soooo nice and beautiful!