Bought this for our anniversary trip. She loved this sensual bikini! Well done 5 stars. Hope you improve your delivery times soon. Im a big fan of your store and I would definetly love if I can get the sexy thongs faster. Good designs anyway

Super small bikini! this must be the worlds smallest bikini!!! Its definetly super hot. I bought this for my gf and she absolutely loves it.... CUTE AF!

Doug L
Got this for my wife a month ago and it just got here now, so the shipping isnt good but i still got my suits and i really do think they are good quality and look fantastic on my models. thanks

Ravyn G.
This is such a hot bikini i love it so much it fits me just right, i love maxi bikinis they"re so very sexy! Maybe now im ready to push myself to buy a micro bikini, i love this sooooo much! please work on the shipping though, thanks

worth every penny!