KENDRA Sexy Crotchless Pantyhose

Look incredibly hot wearing these very sexy crotchless Leggings.
These leggings are designed to hug your body and make you feel like hot amazily hot! Don't forget to leave a review, We want to hear what you have to say!

* The underwear is not included.

- Imported Lycra Fabric 85% Nylon 15% Elastane
- Available In all sorts of sizes & colors!
- To get a perfect size that fits, check the size chart

* Model is wearing Size S
Susan R.
I love these leggings so much the lycra fabric is so sexy! i got 3 of them in purple, pink and black and i will try them with my jeans skirts too.
Jacob M.
I bought these for my wife and the Lycra fabric first of all is just so sexy! I love that my wife wears these sexy leggings for me, it looks so hot!! Especially with heels on! love these sexy leggings
These crotch-less leggings are so hot! I really like how soft they are on my legs the quality is also amazing. I will be buying more pants soon.
Iâ??m a woman who loves to show off my body. This is amazing because I always felt a breeze on my crotch and made me feel great!
Remi V.
My wife looks hot in this she uses a dress with it and no body can notice except us. I love the quality and so does she. These crotchless sexy leggings are so sexy, I cant wait to buy more pairs!
Sierra ellis
Wow just wow! The quality of these leggings are breathtaking i was not expecting them to be THIS GOOD, sooo amazing and so very comfortable! my new piece of clothing!
Alanna P.
These leggings are so great i love crotch-less leggings so much! They"re actually more like panties, crotchless panties :) so very sexy i have 5 different colors of these and i just use it with a skirt haha, so beautiful! Everyone get your sexy crotchless panties here!!!
Ana B.
Crotchless leggings are the best, i even use them to go out sometimes with that underwear shes wearing and i also wear them out with just a simple sexy skirt, so it looks likes i am wearing everything supposed to but i can still have fun with my boyfriend while we"re out. Such a sexy pair of crotchless leggings!
My husband was the happiest with this, thank you much!
Sexy and wild! my girlfriend really likes this!