PASSION STAR Sexy Lace Lingerie

Passion Star is our newest sexy flower lace lingerie to create that sexy feel to that special night, It's made with a tiny cut triangle cut top with both neck and back ties which allows quick removal & a sexy low cut g-string bottom to attract attention.

- Imported Lace and Lycra Fabrics
- Available in many colors and sizes

Model is wearing S top and S bottom
I was looking for something sexy that fits my wife perfectly as she has big boobs, I had the assistance of your customer service (Sandy) and she help me a lot! I bought this hot red one and my wife looks incredible!
just got my passion star lingerie im so satisfied with this purchase <3 made my whole day! thank you guys! Dani (Mexico)
Jennifer H.
My husband bought me one of each color for our anniversary and I love them, the fabric is so nice and, such a beautiful design, very sexy lingerie! I also love the fact of the tie on neck and back because no man wants to have a hard time to take off your clothing then it just gets awkward so I do suggest this!
Darcy Louis
I got it for my wife but everyone knows its mostly for the man!