COCONUT Super Sexy G-String Mini Bikini

This is our brand new "coconut" mini bikini! This bikini comes with a sexy triangle cut top with both neck and back ties and a very sexy low cut bottom with a g-string back. A bikini can't get hotter than this! Get it while you still can!

- Brazilian Lycra Fabric
- Available in many colors and sizes

Model is wearing M top and S Bottom
Mary V.
I love this bikini my boyfriend just gave it to me for our vacations and it is so pretty! I love how it hugs my body and makes me feel good, i have to keep my gym game strong now!
Jared V.
I love the low cut bikini bottom, and the tiny triangle cut top, This is almost as small as a microbikini! I love it I can prove to my girlfriend that its not a microkini so she will wear it, Im going to give it to her tomorrow for her birthday wish me luck! 5 stars!
What a sexy mini bikini, just arrived and couldn"t be happier, great quality, sexy fabric, and im very happy!
Colten holmes
This is such a sexy bikini, the shape, fabric, everything about it is great i got 3 in different colors :)
Gordon P.
This is such a great swimsuit, i love the low cut bikini bottom and thong! such a sexy piece of clothing thank you so much i love it