HOLIDAY Very Hot Mini Bikini

Go on a "Holiday" with this sexy mini bikini! This cute mini bikini is perfect to wear anywhere from the beaches of Hawaii to the beach in France, There's no limits with this bikini! The top is a sexy classic cut triangle top with neck and back ties and the bottom is a sexy low cut g string thong. Don't hesitate to buy this sexy swimsuit!

- Brazilian Lycra Fabric
- Available in many sizes and color

- Model is wearing Size S
The triangle cut swimsuit is great, the g string bottom is very sexy and the fabric feels very soft and great on your skin, if you"re looking for a sexy mini bikini you"ve come to the right place cause this is such a sexy minibikini! The shipping is just a bit slow it could be better
Tracy J
This bikini is so sexy let me tell you, i love the thong, and i love how it has both neck and back ties!!! love how it looks, i"m getting three more one in black, blue and white! :)
Jennifer Terae
LOVE LOVE LOVE, this bikini is perfect for the holidays! I"m going to be wearing this for Christmas in mexico! Sexiest mini bikini ever, i love the heart shape g-string thong! Such a hot bikini, im going to be getting this, a mini bikini, micro bikini (microkini) and a maxi bikini to add all of them to my collection!