FANTASY DRESS Very Sexy Sheer Mini Dress

Our sexy "fantasy" dress is made with our sheer fabric that is to die for, its so soft and is made with a tough sheer material that is hard to rip or tear. This dress is completely see-through and perfect to wear for your loved one.

- Brazilian Mesh Fabric, completly translucent.
- Available In all sorts of sizes & colors!
- To get a perfect size that fits, check the size chart.

Absolutely love this sheer mini dress! It looks so sexy and the quality is amazing.
This sheer see through dress is just what I was looking for, it"s really sexy! I love it
Ronald R
I just received this dress after 4 weeks and I"m so happy it"s just what I wanted it to be so hot!! The sheer fabric is see through and so hot it"s silky!!
Lola N.
This is sooo sexy! I look amazing in it, this is the sexiest sheer dress ever! I love mini dresses and sheer dresses are even better!!
Rodney T.
This is the hottest see through dress ive ever seen! I love how sexy it is. The sheer fabric is just incredible my wife was nervous to wear it but she looks so great in it. im very pleased